Become a Volunteer

What you give:

-You pay a flat fee of 10 USD per day to cover food and board

-You participate in efforts dedicated to the service of Vrindavan. These include environmental education, organic farming, traffic control planning, web site making, street cleaning and plastic patrol – making sure plastics do not get into Vrindavan’s water filtration ponds.

-You may also assist ongoing Yoga and Vedic Philosophy classes at our ashram.

What you get:

-You learn about the action area of your choice first hand: geographically, culturally, environmentally, socially and economically.

-You gain inspiration for making environment friendly practices and innovations a part of your life no matter where you go after working with us.

-You get to eat healthy food and stay in an environmentally friendly ashram environment.

-You get to learn about, start or deepen your devotional practice with us.

-You make life-long friends!

-You get a deeper connection with Vrindavan which you can then share with friends and family to grow our network and create change on an ever-larger scale!

-You get to see how fun and rewarding a service attitude can be and the positive changes it will bring to your life!

Friends of Mayapur is connected with the Eco Yoga Villages volunteering net