Who We are?


Friends of Mayapur is part of the program called A Helping Hand for Vrindavan and is linked with the work of the World Vaishnava Association in West Bengal. Our main duty is to keep Mayapur Dham clean and green. 

With the support of Sri Caitanya Gaudiya Math, we established an area which is used today as a dumping ground for the city. We are maintaining 3 daily workers  who are going every day to collect garbage in different sacred places of Mayapur as: Yoga Peeth, Srivas Angan, Caitanya Math, Advaiti Bavan, Main road and several Gaudiya Maths.

We also have frequent groups of volunteers who help us to keep the cleanliness and beauty of Sri Mayapur Dham.


- Prisni - Coordinator of the cleaning program in Mayapur Dham
- Dina Bandhu - Coordinator of the volunteer program in Mayapur