Become a Sponsor

What you give:

You pay the monthly salary of 3000 to 4000 Rupees (about 100 US$) for one local resident of  Mayapur.  There is no limit and you are of course welcome to support as many local monthly salaries as you like.

You spread the news about Sponsor a Helping Hand, helping to grow this wonderful and beneficial initiative.

What you get:
You help to make a sustainable clean, green Mayapur as the employee you sponsor is working full time on urgent issues like cleaning streets and the banks of the Ganges.

You help give recent college graduates the experience they need to build a positive India as they work with government and the environment and publicly engage with people from every sector of society.

You contribute much needed income to local residents and their families.

You help provide an atmosphere in which people care for nature while also meeting their immediate needs. This will encourage greater public awareness, interest and finally engagement in making a change.

You get our very own local team, the environmental committee of the Vishva Vaihsnava Raj Sabha, to monitor sponsored workers, both ensuring timely and fair payment and also holding workers accountable for fulfilling their obligations to complete designated projects in a thorough, timely and efficient manner.

You get to choose the area where you want to create change by designating the worker you sponsor to take part in one of the following service areas: Ganges bank cleaning or heritage site cleaning and revitalization.

You get to participate in and build upon an ever-expanding global network working on behalf of Mayapur. This is because Friends of Mayapur cleanign program is offered and monitored by the environmental committee of the Vishva Vaishnava Raj Sabha in cooperation with VRINDA- The Vrindavan Institute for Vaisnava Culture and Studies.

This record of ongoing work through well-established local relationships means that results from your sponsorship donation are certain. Additionally, you get to become a part of this amazing family of service!

A margin of 20% of the payment for Sponsoring the helping hands will be used for tools, supervision, transportation, administration and other job-related operating costs.

Special donations for bigger tools like RCBs or Tractor trolleys are also welcomed. These funds would enable us to better manage garbage dumping sites.

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